The Centre presently offers 9 seminars related to Family Life.  All of these are offered to equip students with the knowledge skills & tools necessary to mentor families.  

An introduction to the biblical foundations of marriage and family life. The seminars focuses on the following major categories: biblical family foundations, God’s design for marriage, developing marriage seminars, godly parenting patterns, developing parenting seminars, introduction to family systems, Christian family counseling principles, and the role of the family in ministry. This seminars is essential preparation for those wishing to work in YWAM family ministries and is often offered in conjunction with the Family Ministry School (CNH 223/224). Individual segments of the seminars can be taken separately or the entire seminar can be completed at one time. Students may not receive U of N credit simultaneously for the Family Ministry School (CNH 223/224) and the Foundations for Family Life Seminars I (FAM 121).          

Students will receive practical training and experience in developing various family life seminars, and will role play, prepare dramas, and develop presentations based on the material learned in FAM 121. They will also participate on teams that are conducting family life seminars and camps. Students may not receive U of N credit simultaneously for the Family Ministry School (CNH 223 & 224) and the Foundations for Family Life Seminars II (FAM 122).

(Old name – Marriage & Relationship Workshop I, II, III, IV)

This workshop is based on David and Vera Mace's revolutionary, pioneering work, developed by Keith and Marilynn Hamilton. During the four weeks of this seminar, participants will experience the Level 1 workshop (Marriage Enrichment for couples or Relationship Enrichment for singles) and also be trained in a Level 2 workshop as facilitators. They will study, practice, and prepare materials for teaching and be trained to become instructors. In addition, they will have opportunity to practice teaching levels 1 and 2. Persons completing the seminar will be certified as instructors of REAPP workshops. 

One major topic will be the focus of each of the 4 weeks:

1. God's Original Design for Relationships

This seminars week lays a Scriptural foundational for marriage based on Genesis 2:24 and Hebrews 13:4.

2. Rescuing Tomorrow's Generation Today

This seminars week provides practical tools that married couples and parents can use in order to establish a written family vision document that can become the foundation for multiple, successive, godly generations.

3. Reverse Engineering the Sexual Revolution

This seminars week exposes how The Kinsey Reports, The Women's Liberation movement, The Hippie Movement, and the declining importance of marriage & traditional family have all contributed to the establishment and spread of what has become known as the Sexual Revolution. The content of this week is intended to expose the sources of the lies which became the basis upon which western society has built its sexual culture.

4. Dealing with Homosexuality

This seminars week is intended to provide participants with greater understanding of how to effectively engage in public discourse surrounding issues of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Participants will be challenged to learn how to articulate an uncompromising and godly perspective on the issues without becoming trapped in fruitless debates and arguments.