To bring an integration of the Word and the Family sphere. This seminars is for students desiring to understand what God’s Word has to say about Family & Family Life topics presented in the Foundations for Family Studies course FAM 251/252. It is designed for students pursuing an AA and BA degree in the University to understand and apply the Word when ministering to families or individuals.

Seminars integrates the core Applied Christian Thinking and the Family Sphere. It enables a student to develop a biblical understanding of worldviews, history, human institutions and culture from a family viewpoint. Critical thinking skills are applied to current issues within cultures. Preparing students to engage with culture and society with the message of God’s Word and its application the sphere of Family. Topics include: the meaning of worldview, Family of Origin.

These seminars provide an opportunity for in-depth learning for a particular Christian Marriage Enrichment Model. Through taking a seminar, one is able to develop the understanding, skills and tools of a particular model and its primary focus to a greater level. Seminars usually include practice and application. Models currently available include: C-PREP, COVENANT - UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, and REAPP. Check with the location offering the seminar for specifics of which models are offered.

This seminar provides training for those who have a desire to use the Genogram model to evaluate the dynamics of the Family of Origin model. The Genogram provides an understanding of the health or dysfunction in the interpersonal relationship of the family you grew up in. The seminars provides the student with a model to assess the relationship dynamics within the nuclear family and three family generations.

The core elements are taught to help assess the family as a system.

This two-week seminars is designed to provide students with a model in which they can understand the dynamics of family life. This model looks at the 8 elements that have an impact on the nuclear family (family of origin). Understanding these elements, examined in a holistic way, helps the student to evaluate a family's interpersonal life dynamics. The course consists of one week of learning the core elements of the Family of Origin model and observing them in the students Family of Origin. The second week consists of applying the model along with the Genogram model in diagramming these elements in the Old Testament three generational patriarchal family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.