Prerequisite: DSP 211 & 212 : 19-24 Credicts
FAM 251/252   Foundations for Family Studies & Field Assignment : 20-24 Credicts
FAM 253 Foundations for Family Studies Practicum : 12 Credicts
Core: Bible, Communication, ACT : 36 Credicts
FAM 101 Bible and Family Integration or
FAM 102 Worldview and Family Integration Seminar : 1Credicts
FAM 351/352 Advanced Family Studies & Field Assignment : 20-24 Credicts
FAM 343 Advanced Family Studies Practicum : 8-12 Credicts
One approved related course: 12 Credicts
* Approved by Degree Advisor
Approved course field assignment, Directed Readings, Seminars : 0-11 Credicts

Total Credits for Bachelor of Arts Degree : 144 Credicts
*Offered through the College of Education

This 20-24 week AFS course offers a lecture and field assignments phase allowing students to assimilate and apply the teaching more effectively in a family & team context. The AFS course considers the Family of Origin model by Murray Bowen introduced in the FSS FAM 2xx course to be the primary model for understanding the dynamics of family life. This model provides for a holistic approach by taking all members of the family into consideration. Using the Old Testament patriarchal families (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) as a case study.

The curriculum has been designed to provide the student with an in-depth understanding of and skills to use with the two major models introduced in the FAM 251/252; provides key skills for Mentoring/Coaching; an In-depth look at the Godly Father as the Key to Family Life; Healthy Sexuality and the study of the Post-Modern Family. The Family of Origin & Genogram models are required major key components within the advanced Course.   In the twelve-week lecture phase, that leaves additional weeks that can be devoted to current societal family topics. Under each section the purpose for that section is defined with a list of required specific topics. The six sections (Family of Origin, Genogram, Mentoring/Coaching Skills, Godly Father as the Key, Healthy Sexuality and Post-Modern Family) are to be viewed as the central core, around which the AFS course template is to be built. During the lecture phase skills of using the two models and integrating them to assess the health of families to the third generation.

  • Prerequisite: FAM 251/252/253
  • Credits: 12

The field assignment/internship is in accordance with U of N guidelines, and is also a vital part of the training, allowing students to assimilate and apply the teaching & skills learned in the lecture phase more effectively as a family in a team context, by providing opportunities to work as a team/with a team.

  • Prerequisite: FAM 251
  • Credits: 12

This three-month Practicum is designed for students who have completed Advanced Family Studies FAM 351 with Field Assignment and who desire further experience and mentoring in the Family Sphere. The goal of the Practicum is to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills obtained in the AFS FAM 351/352 and to familiarize them with a broad spectrum of opportunities for serving and helping families through service with a family sphere ministry to families. Typical activities include: family discipleship, mobilizing for missions, child and youth evangelism, and ministries with families and young people. The emphasis is on gaining expertise through practical ministry involvement.

  • Prerequisite: FAM 351/352
  • Credits: 12