The Family Resource Centre (FRC) serves as an interdisciplinary and intercultural resource and development network in the sphere of the family. It provides continuing education opportunities for professionals and lay people through courses, seminars, and workshops. These programmes are designed to serve those who are currently serving or will serve in ministries that engage with families or individuals, and are conducted in cooperation with local churches, social service agencies, educational institutions, and family agencies.

  •  Exercises its influence to bring awareness of family issues inside and outside the U of N, and will promote the growth of biblical families.
  • Maintains up-to-date information on current resources available in the area of family and marriage, and facilitates resource networking among those working in this area.
  •  Seeks to be actively involved in current research, remaining on the cutting edge of family and social development trends.
  • Offers schools, workshops, seminars, resources, and consulting to facilitate personal and community-wide transformation in the family sphere of society. 

To that end, the FRC:

  • Integrates multiple disciplines, encouraging coordination of people, programmes, and resources within YWAM/U of N and other organizations and communities in pursuit of common objectives.
  • Serves as a catalyst for discovering God’s view and intentions for lasting change in individuals and communities as revealed through the Bible, using conversations, group discussions, and other forms of training and interaction.
  • Provides orientation for students to find service opportunities and further training in areas of community development and transformation.


Family Studies Degree

The Family Resource Centre coordinates the Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree in Family Studies offered through the College of Education. The core individual courses are listed on these Centre pages. Academic advising will be shared between the College and the Centre. 

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These UofN Courses offered through the Centre are designed to equip students with a foundational and in-depth biblical understanding of family life.  Since family is a key to any ministry,  students will benefit from an enhanced ministry potential by taking Family Studies courses. 

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The Centre presently offers 9 seminars related to Family Life.  All of these are offered to equip students with not only knowledge, but with skills & tools to mentor families. 


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